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Croatian Competitiveness Cluster for FPS

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00

Croatian Competitiveness Cluster for FPS represents a networking and cooperation platform for different business subjects aiming to improve food processing sector competitiveness in the Republic of Croatia. Cluster inaugural assembly was held in January 2013 in Zagreb, comprised of recognised business subjects and public, private and business institutions, scientific and research community stakeholders and professional and business associations.

The goal of networking of various interested stakeholders during the implementation of different projects is to contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness of business subjects, increase the employment and competitiveness of food-processing sector, develop equal regional development and sustainable development and wellbeing of the society.

The cluster represents vast potential for cooperation, growth and development of individual subjects as well as the whole community. Therefore, from a community viewpoint, a cluster is a form of socially responsible engagement, handling resources to create new values not only for individual subjects, but also for the wellbeing of the whole community. Furthermore, examples of clusters active in various sectors in other countries, despite challenging economic periods and turbulent environment, testify in favour of successfulness of such a cooperation model between different social subjects, operating to enhance competitiveness and sustainable development of the community.

The overall goal, set within the Food Processing Sector is to contribute to the
fullfillment of the vision and to promote the economic growth and competi-
tiveness  within the Food Processing Sector through research, technological
development and  the implementation of innovation and new technology, as
well as to increase the inflow of investment.
The aforementioned goal is going to be achieved within
the 4 priority areas, which are as follows:
 Improving the business environment and strengthening of
the competitiveness of the Food Processing Sector.

The Improving and deiversifying of the production through
research, technological development, and the implementation
of innovation and KET Technologies.

Developing business infrastructure and business support institutions for the
Food Processing Sector.Reducing cost and increasing productivity within the sector by means of the implementation of new technology.
The implementation of intelligent (KET) technologies for the purpose of
achieving the security and quality of food, and in developing packaging
processes and materials-

Developing new products in compliance with the market requirements (func-
tional food, rganically grown food, improving of traditional products etc.).

Developing the cientific and research infrastructure and the technological
platform for the Food Processing Sector
Connecting of the public, private and the science and research sector
through business clusters and competitiveness clusters (the implementation
of cluster initiatives).

Harmonising of the manufacturing of agricultural products with the  Food
Processing Sector requirements.
Developing new business models (such as local manufacturing systems) and
the   models of service providing, logistics and transport as a support to raw
material manufacturers.
Improving the sustainability of Agriculture and Food Processig Industry (sus-
tainable production, implementation of renewable energy sources, efficient
energy use etc.).
Identifying the domestic value chain of the Food Processing Sector and the
integration within the international value chain through the internationali-
sation of business.

Improving of the legislative framework and the promotion of the Green
Public  Procurement. Development of human capital, knowledge and competences.

Investing in development and implementation of design, as
well as in promotion and branding within the Food Processing
Industry and of its Products.

Lifelong learning and education in accordance with the current and future
requirements of the labour market.Devising and implementing of the Communication strategy within the Food
Processing Industry.Developing new skills and a curriculum for new vocations within the Food Processing Sector.

Developing territorial brands (national, regional and local) within the Food
Processing Industry as an economic value added to the sector-

Promoting of a positive image of the sector

Multi-sectorial collaboration with the Tourism Industry for the purpose of the
placement of Croatian Food Products in the Tourism Industry etc.

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